Chairman (Mr. Daya Sagar Bisht (Senior Advocate, High Court Of Uttarakhand))

"Mr. Daya Sagar Bisht B.A., LLM (Senior Advocate, High Court of Uttarakhand)) received many prestigious awards like Uttarakhand Icon award in 2020, Best Policy Makers of School award Uttarakhand in 2017, Uttarakhand Education Award awarded by Dainik Jagran in 2019 is a Visionary with a Multidynamic personality & excellent managerial skills. SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school devoted to learning, based on technology in a stress-free environment. Furnished with Scientific Equipment, Musical Instruments, Sports Paraphernalia, SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school with a difference. SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school where our committed and dedicated staff pays complete attention to the all-round development of each child. It is a school where parents also participate whole heartedly to facilitate in the growth of our SHEMFORD Stars". "Some flowers blossom best in sunlight while some do well in shade; remember we must select the place where we grow best."

Executive Director (Mr. Rajesh Bisht)

"I am happy to have the opportunity to serve in such a magnificent school and to look forward to helping pave the way for a bright and successful future for SHEMFORD. Whether you are new to SHEMFORD School or have been a part of our community for some time, I invite you to participate with us, as we prepare our students for the future."

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR (Mr. Kishor Gahtori )

"We, at SHEMFORD Haldwani work to provide a curriculum, which is holistic in approach, evolving children into self-motivated, independent, confident & creative leaders of tomorrow. Our innovative & practical syllabus helps make learning stress-free for children, enabling them to make a mark on the world platform. The children are provided with technological tools such as the interactive whiteboards, e-blocks, etc. This aids in improving the concentration power of children and makes learning interesting for them."