Everything you need to know about our Company

Mr. Daya Sagar Bisht--B.A., LLM is a Visionary with a Multidynamic personality & excellent managerial skills. SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school devoted to learning, based on technology in a stress-free environment. Furnished with Scientific Equipment, Musical Instruments, Sports Paraphernalia, SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school with a difference. SHEMFORD Haldwani is a school where our committed and dedicated staff pays complete attention to the all-round development of each child. It is a school where parents also participate whole heartedly to facilitate in the growth of our SHEMFORD Stars.
“Some flowers blossom best in sunlight while some do well in shade; remember we must select the place where we grow best”.

Mr. Daya Sagar Bisht (DIRECTOR)

Mrs. Chandrakala Amola (M.Sc., M.Ed.) is a prominent school educationist since last 28 years, with 15 years of administrative experience. The Principal bears a creditable service record with the “Best Co-worker Award” in her bag, Awarded by President, SOS Children’s Villages of India.An attractive personality with a readiness to accept the latest knowledge updates are the paramount features required in providing a stimulating & conducive environment to the students. These result into an attractive personality designed to enhance the social, emotional, spiritual, motor & cognitive growth of each child. Students at SHEMFORD Haldwani get hands-on learning experience in a carefully planned and cultured environment. Moreover; the modern teaching aids also facilitate fast-paced learning in the students. Hence; we must select choose and plan carefully the place which eases and accelerates our progress well.

Mrs. Chandrakala Amola (Gunwant) (PRINCIPAL)

We, at SHEMFORD Haldwani work to provide a curriculum, which is holistic in approach, evolving children into self-motivated, independent, confident & creative leaders of tomorrow. Our innovative & practical syllabus helps make learning stress-free for children, enabling them to make a mark on the world platform.
The children are provided with technological tools such as the interactive whiteboards, e-blocks, etc. This aids in improving the concentration power of children and makes learning interesting for them.

Mr. Kishor Gahtori Associate Director